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Do you need to talk about technology, but would rather do so in plain English?

With 25 years experience, working with individuals, small and large businesses and public sector organisations, I’d love to have a chat about why you’re here!

If your question is about a website, click on the above button for a quick overview on your options…

Web sites, development, data, strategy, hosting, the “cloud”, whether you are just curious or have a burning problem to sort out, a quick chat could put your mind at rest.

Need a website?

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So.. what does a website cost?

Well, it depends what you’re after.
Naff answer!

The likely costs vary from free to thousands depending on what fits your requirements. 

Take a read of this information, it covers the likely costs of various scenarios, and after that let’s have a chat and we’ll see what’s what!


Skills cover technology, development, project management (PRINCE2/AGILE), change management and business consultancy. For development technologies include PHP, WordPress, C#, SQL Server, MySQL server, jQuery/Javascript, CSS, Photoshop, etc.

These apply to individuals, private and public sector, projects small, big and very big!

Projects have been wide and varied, but here is a flavour.


  • Website development and hosting
  • Web application development
  • Expert WordPress developer
  • Private social networks
  • “Big Data” and use of the “Cloud”
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Project Management

  • Project Management (PRINCE 2, AGILE)
  • Change Management
  • Small business startup
  • Project Startup
  • Procurement Support

There is no “one size fits all”, so the best thing is to give me (Simon) a call on 07766 912812 or send me an email.

Where in the world?

Web Technology Solutions location

I will always come and see you at your office, it’s more convenient and if need be, we have access to your computer, files, etc…