Web Technology Solutions

It’s often known as the dreaded “C” word.

I’ll come clean.

I used to make a tremendous living out of IT Consultancy (that’s the C word!).

As Web Technology Solutions Ltd since the turn of the century.

But I had a problem personally.
My life, and health, was affected by the constant stress and worry.

Because running all of the “tech”, producing content, managing websites, being “out there” on
email and social media was impossible – even dealing with all those different people.

Forget about getting more customers!

It was all I could do to keep my business afloat,
balance client needs and have a little personal time off.

Do you remember time off?!

I started losing hours, days, even weeks worrying, and focussing on the wrong stuff.

Whether that be writing content, finding images, looking after websites, email lists,
membership sites, online video, courses, social media,applying updates,
testing, getting my stuff “out there”…

The list was bloody endless.


I had my own personal “ah ha” moment a couple of years ago!!

Which was actually quite simple.

I needed to focus on one thing – my customers.

My epiphany was realising I could do that, simply by making more time.

And not just that.

I could also remove my worry and stress.

At the same time as gaining extra days every month – if not every week!

And it actually saved me money – or rather, made me money.

Because the cost of this light-bulb moment, was far outweighed by the profit of getting new customers, and growing them.

Now I could focus on growing the business, getting more clients, scaling things up.

Not on all the headaches, and worry and stress.


I set up a team to work with Web Technology Solutions.
The same team that works with others today.

A team I trust, to take all the work, worry and stress off my hands.

So now I control my time, my energy and my focus.

Clients, which I can pick up more of now, are so much better served.

More clients, and fantastic service to them. Which keeps them coming back for more.

And I feel so much better for it personally (my family are rather pleased too!).

Want to know more?

Simon Goodchild
+44(0)7766 912812
Email: simon@webtechnologysolutions.co.uk

Registered in the UK as company number 04580951
VAT registration number 805420464