How To Get A Steady Stream Of Leads From LinkedIn

If you’ve been hanging around with me, you will know that I run automation on LinkedIn accounts.


Well, it’s not to be a smartarse. Or impress people down the pub. Honestly.

By engaging with your LinkedIn connections (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) you will make new contacts, get leads and grow your business.

It’s why LinkedIn is really coming into it’s own again.

LinkedIn has really got it’s act together.

Let me talk about reality for a moment, rather than wooly rhetoric.

Two weeks ago, I ran a simple broadcast to all my 1st connections (you probably got my “You might want to disconnect from me” message!!!).

I keep my LinkedIn account trim – only valuable connections. Less is more. It’s so important.

So this exercise resulted in the following from only 300 connections:

  • Anyone who is not interested in me disconnected, keeps my connections valuable.
  • I got an awesome new client (£12k a month).
  • I got a request from an investor to meet.
  • And a ton of catch-up conversations from old friends.
  • There is not a 5th item, but I like lists of 5 things.

And nobody disconnected.

Let’s get right to it. This is what you want to do, to keep your LinkedIn profile red hot.

  • Have a great by-line
  • Have a great summary
  • Have great copy, at least the 2nd best on the planet

So how do you actually get leads from Linked In?

…on Super-Boost mode?

1) Use Linked Helper

Set it up and connect to 100 people a day, then scale up to 200.

Advanced version: when you hit your connection limit email/call Linkedin to get it lifted and/or pay a VA to un-connect from all connections

2) Messaging

Always give an option to “not accept”.

Make it funny – to avoid being marked as spam. Make it personal, like you would talk.

For example, “If you’re interested, click accept. Or don’t, and I’ll be gone forever, seriously, in a dark hole, never to contact you again.”

Then follow up being funny, light hearted, dropping in what you do. Don’t go all out sales on them, you’ll be marked as spam, and get stupidly low conversion rates. Remember, people are PEOPLE.

Use Calendly as a link to book appointments.

If you can’t do good copy, don’t do long copy. Keep it short.

3) Your profile

Always start your by-line with a call to action “Contact me if you want X”

The first two lines of your summary should be white-hot. Hit them on the nose with what you can do for them, why and how.

And that’s that. And it works.

P.S. If you do all that, as others are, you will get a steady stream of leads from LinkedIn.

P.P.S. Ask any questions below, how can you grow sales leads from LinkedIn?

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